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Harper Needs Your Help

Harper is a seven-year-old little girl that lives in foster care and depends on the system to make sure she is safe. 

Without a CASA Volunteer to speak on her behalf, Harper can't let the judge know important things such as:

  • ​How many foster homes has she lived in this year?

  • ​Is she going to the doctor?

  • Is she able to visit her parents safely?

  • When was the last time she saw her siblings?

  • ​How many schools has she attended this year?

Harper has been abused in the past and having a CASA Volunteer is one of the strongest ways to protect Harper from more abuse. There are currently more than 100 children, just like Harper, in need of a CASA in Leavenworth and Atchison Counties.

They are waiting for YOU. 


First Judicial CASA has three different ways you can advocate for children in our community:

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer is a trained citizen who is appointed by a judge to represent the best interests of a child in court.  CASAs are individuals who express a genuine concern for the welfare of children.  The ability to communicate, in both written and verbal forms, is a strong factor for consideration.

The CEVC Volunteer will observe the visit between the child and parent and will document the interaction, unusual incidents, and inappropriate behaviors by either parent or child, inappropriate conversations or questions and terminated visits.

Special Projects Volunteer

Special Project Volunteers help with anything and everything that does not fit into one neat category.  These opportunities may include assisting with fundraising, seasonal events, donation organization, office support, marketing, or more.

Time Commitment

10-15 hrs/month for the duration of case 

Training Requirements

30 hours training plus 2 hours courtroom observation

Continuing Education

12 hours of in-service per calendar year

Time Commitment

Regularly scheduled supervised visits based on your availability 

Training Requirements

15 hours training 

Continuing Education

15 hours of in-service per calendar year

Time Commitment

Varies depending on your availability 

Training Requirements

Varies based on project

Continuing Education

There are no continuing education requirements for this position at this time


The Next Steps


Attend an information session


Complete a volunteer application


Complete your volunteer interview


Choose which volunteer role is best for you


Complete the training for your volunteer role