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The volunteers with First Judicial District CASA Association come from all walks of life, span across all age ranges, and each help make a difference in their own way.


From being a Court Appointed Special Advocate, to helping with events, to being a CEVC Visit Volunteer, and even fixing things around the office; without them, CASA would not be able to advocate for the youth in our community that need it most. 


Meet some of our volunteers below to learn about the amazing things they are doing, why they decided to volunteer and the impact they have made.



Claudia has only been with us for a very short time yet has not hesitated to jump right in. Claudia assists in the visitation center supervising visits each week for 1-3 hours. Claudia helps wherever she is needed. Claudia isn’t afraid to learn new things. She always has a big friendly smile for whomever she is working with. She helps with filing, organizing, cleaning, fundraising, CASA events and talking with families calming them down when their children are coming and going from visits. Claudia, we can’t thank you enough, welcome to our CASA family!



I became a CASA volunteer because I wanted to give back to the community I live in, and to be a positive influence for our youth. However, being a CASA has also given me community as well. As a CASA I have made connections with others in the community who are dedicated to making positive impacts, and I have met supportive staff members within the CASA office I’m honored to work beside. Being a voice for a child, that may not have otherwise been heard, is one of the most meaningful actions one can take to create positive changes for all of our futures. I am proud to call myself a CASA!

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