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Jere' Levingston

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Deborah Liles.jpg

Deborah Liles

Volunteer Recruiter


Shelby Bowen

Finance Coordinator

Kelly Sneller

CAC Program Director

Carolyn Schreiner

CAC Family Advocate

Taylor Johnson

CAC Forensic Interviewer

Keisha Davis.jpg

Keisha Davis

CAC Family Advocate

D. Boyer.jpg

Dorsel Boyer

CEVC Coordinator

Kelly Meyer

Executive Director

Briana Burgess

CEVC Program Coordinator

Heather Jones

CINC Program Coordinator

Kathy Sanberg

Atchison Program Coordinator

Caleb Meyer

CEVC Security Staff

Matt Mowrey.jpg

Matt Mowery

CEVC Security Staff

Chadd Sanberg

CEVC Security Staff

Steven Harvey.jpg

Stephen Harvey

CEVC Security Staff


Ted Davis


Member since June 2019. President since July 2022.

Brynn Peter

Vice President

Member since 2020. Vice President since July 2021.

Jim Lourentzos


Member since 2019. Treasurer since July 2021.

Jacque Slingsby


Member since 2019. Secretary since November 2020.

Holly Pittman


Member since 2017.

Heather Green


Member since January 2017.

M. Greenamyre 1.JPG

Meiken Greenamyre


Member since June 2021.

Vicky Kaaz.png

Vicky Kaaz


Member since July 2022.

First Judicial District CASA Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

For more information, please see our Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination Policy.

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