CEVC Frequently Asked Questions

How is having a CASA assigned to a case and using the CASA CEVC different?

While a CASA can be assigned to a CEVC (Child Exchange and Visit Center) case they are often only appointed to a CINC (Child in Need of Care) cases. When a family is ordered to do a supervised visits, this does not mean the child has a CASA (Court Appointed Speical Advocate assigned to them. There is a volunteer that will supervise the child's visit at the CEVC to ensure a safe, neutral setting. The volunteer is there to document the facts and conversations during the time of a visit, they are not a CASA.

Is there a cost for Supervised Visits?

It is often ordered in the court that both parties be equally responsible in paying for services. This is to help ensure both parties are invested in participating in the visitations.

Do you have to be court ordered to use supervised visitation services?

No. If both parties agree to follow all CEVC policies and procedures all CEVC services can be arranged on a voluntary basis.

Who can participate in the supervised visits?

Only those in the court order will be allowed in Supervised visitations. The Non-Residential parent is able to make a request to have a special visitor attend an occasional visit and the Residential parent must agree to them attending. If the request is denied the Non-Residential parent would need to make a request to have a visitor placed in a court order.