CASA Volunteer - Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Celebrations Program

Each month LINC infuses the joy and importance of reading into our programs by incoroporating animal celebrations. Every month has a different literacy champion, such as the OWL (Our World of Literacy) in July and DEER (Drop Everything, Enjoy Reading) in December. These literacy champions can be found in our books, activities, and sometimes our animal mascots make an apperance to help us celebrate. LINC’s TIGER (Together In Getting Everyone Reading) program connects school administrators, teachers, and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA’s) to conduct school-wide reading success programs. TIGER celebrations are anchored in month-long read-a-thons and celebrated with a trip to the Bronx Zoo!

School Capacity Building

In schools, LINC works to build strong parent/teacher collaborations. With daycares and early childhood centers, LINC provides professional development in how to conduct engaging read alouds, facilitate child-facing programs and deepen parent involvement at home. These trainings ensure the continuum of learning and strengthen the bond between parents, teachers and facilitators.

Early Childhood Capacity Building

LINC works with schools, daycares, libraries, family facing organizations, and more to strengthen literacy learning environments. Teachers and facilitators who have access to high quality professional development are better able to serve their families, both children and caregivers.