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Imagine yourself as a child; you live in a home that may look normal on the outside, but inside, you encounter physical, emotional, and mental abuse, and most nights, you are hungry and scared, but you wish to feel wanted and loved.

Unfortunately, those are just some of the challenges children face daily in our community. Child abuse and neglect are considered adverse childhood experiences and directly impact an individual's life.

YOU care about the abuse and neglect happening to the innocent children in our community, so we are asking YOU to please commit to donating to the First Judicial District CASA Association. 

Where does my donation go?

Your donation will allow our programs to provide desperately needed resources to the children in our community. Neglecting these resources can increase physical and psychological health risks, chronic trauma, substance abuse, and poor parent-child relationships. Endorsed by evidence-based research and practices, child victims need to be connected immediately to medical exams and mental health services. Combating the abuse of children must be approached through specializations services.

Who does my donation benefit?

CASA is the one place where a caring individual like YOU can make all the difference by simply committing to donate to the nearly 400 children in Leavenworth and Atchison County that rely on CASA each year for the advocacy they desperately need. Your support to First Judicial District CASA Association will help to achieve our mission of protecting children today for stronger families tomorrow.

Care Donation
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