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APRIL 2024

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month! Check out our calendar and look at our upcoming events to find all the ways you can help raise awareness in your community!



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Prevention Trainings

Traingings highlighted in the month of April, however they are available all year round. Reach out to bring a training to your school, church or community organization!

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We offer Darkness to Light Stewards of Children training, the only evidence-informed, adult-focused child sexual abuse prevention training proven to increase knowledge and change behavior.


Darkness to Light empowers adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse through awareness, education, and stigma reduction. Whether you work with youth, are a parent, or are simply a member of a community, it is highly likely that someone you know or care for has experienced, or is currently experiencing, child sexual abuse. It’s going to happen whether you are prepared to deal with it or not – unless you stop it from happening. And the good news, it can be stopped.


We offer trainings to schools, churches and any community organizations that are involved with children. We offer in person and virtual trainings. 

*Above description information from Darkness to Light website


The Monique Burr Foundation Safety Matters programs were developed WITH schools, not FOR schools, to make the best use of existing resources and ensure schools have effective programs that are easy to implement. Each program is presented in two comprehensive lessons ranging from 35-55 minutes (or in four shorter lessons) by trained facilitators in classrooms. Facilitators present turnkey scripts along with engaging, interactive PowerPoints including lecture, group discussion, skills-practice activities, videos, and games.


We have trained facilitators of the MBF Child Safety Matters® and the MBF Teen Safety Matters® curriculums. These are comprehensive, evidence-based curriculums for elementary school and middle school students. These programs educate and empower children, teens and all relevant adults with information and strategies to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to bullying, cyberbullying, all types of abuse, and digital abuse dangers.

*Above description information from Monique Burr Foundation Safety Matters website

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